Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why doesn’t my Spherificator have a speed dial?
The original model of the Spherificator came with the ability to adjust the speed of the pearls being created, but we found that there really was never a reason to create them on anything but the fastest speed so this feature was removed before the second production run. This allowed us to also reduce the cost of the item in production. Due to the removal of the dial some Spherificators have a rubber stopper to fill the gap and others are completely smooth, but both will function perfectly.

2. I heard you can make pearls out of alcohol such as vodka, rum, whiskey and gin… is this true? 
Absolutely! You just need to separately blend your sodium alginate into water before adding the alcohol because otherwise it will not mix. We suggest mixing 2 parts alcohol to 1 part water for the alginate to properly bind, so a 40% alcohol beverage will turn into roughly 27% alcohol pearls. Please drink responsibly, even though you may not taste as much booze rest assured you are still drinking it!

3. Why do my pearls taste salty? 
There is probably some excess calcium from the water bath on them – try giving them a more thorough rinse.

4. Why does my “caviar” look more like tiny noodles than caviar? 
Your mixture is too thick – try adding water or some sodium citrate as outlined in Step #4 on page 19 of this manual.

5. How do you clean the Spherificator? 
Simply empty out any ingredient left in the top of the machine and then put some water in the top and run it through until pure water starts coming out of the bottom. Cleaning your Spherificator is VERY IMPORTANT as if alginate is left in the hoses it will continue to gel over time until it becomes clogged.

6. How do you purchase additional ingredients ? 
Additional ingredients can be purchased from here.