If your Spherificator isn’t working, first ask yourself the following two questions so you can establish what is wrong with your device:

  1. Does the red light on the plug turn on?
  2. Does the motor turn on, can you hear it running?

Check to make sure that the red light on the plug is on indicating that it is properly plugged in and receiving power. If it does turn on, press the “ON” button on the Spherificator and listen to whether the motor turns on and you can hear it running. If you answered “NO” to either of these questions, please contact Cedarlane Culinary immediately either toll-free at 1-866-313-5898 or through email at and a customer service representative will assist you in fixing the issue or arranging a replacement to be sent.

If you answered “YES” to the top two questions, your machine isn’t working for one of three possible reasons:

  1. Your mixture is too thick – refer to page 18 of this manual (step 4).
  2. The machine was not properly rinsed out and the hose has been clogged
  3. One of the hoses has become somehow pinched at a certain point

The same solution applies if you are experiencing either #2 or #3:


  1. Remove top and bottom covers
  2. Remove the two silicon rings from the bottom and from the top
  3. Pinch the middle of the Spherificator along the separation line until an opening is made. Using a flat screwdriver or a butter knife pry open the Spherificator in two – this should be relatively easy to do
  4. At this point you will see the interior of the Spherificator and you will have 4 parts: the front and back of the Spherificator, the top cone and the bottom nozzle

  5. Using a marker, make a little mark on the side of the hose connecting to the top cone. This way you will reassemble the right hose to the right component
  6. Disconnect the top and bottom silicon hose from the stainless tips
  7. You will see three wheels in the pump; two of these wheels are pinching the hose. Gently pull the hose from one end until you see the pinch. If you are pulling more than 1” (2cm) and can’t see the pinch, it is on the other side. Pull the hose from the other side and locate the pinch.
  8. To release the pinch, simply hold both sides on the pinch and pull gently. This will release it.


  1. Connect the marked side of the hose to the top cone and the other side to the bottom stainless steel connector
  2. Reassemble all four components and clip back together
  3. Slide the silicon rings back on from the top
  4. Put top and bottom covers back on