Troubleshooting My Spherificator

The Spherificator is a relatively easy tool to use in a professional environment as well as in any household. Some basic trial and error will have to take place to properly master the ratios needed to get the perfect consistency every time. We’ve put together this short Frequently Asked Question page to help you maintain your Spherificator in good order and to make your pearl making experience much more enjoyable. If you have a question not covered on this page, please use our contact us page to ask us any question you might have.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.WHY IS MY SPHERIFICATOR MAKING “NOODLES” INSTEAD OF PEARLS? This problem has nothing to do your device and is related to the consistency of your mix. If your mix is too thick or too gelatinous the pearls will not form. It’s very important to respect the basic ratio of 1/4 teaspoon of Sodium Alginate for every 100ml of liquid mixture.

2. WHAT IS THE BEST CONSISTENCY MY MIXTURE SHOULD HAVE? If our standard ratio of Sodium Alginate (SA) to liquid is respected, or 1/4 teaspoon of SA to 100ml of liquid, you should get a liquid the consistency of maple syrup/table syrup. This is the best texture you could have to get perfect and consistent pearls every time.

3. MY SPHERIFICATOR IS RUNNING (I could hear the motor turning) BUT NO LIQUID IS COMING OUT, WHAT SHOULD I DO? The Spherificator has a flexible silicon tube running inside the pump. When the Spherificator is not used for a period of time the silicon tube gets pinched and needs to be released. This maintenance should take 2-3 minutes to perform. Download the following PDF file.

Spherificator Maintenance – Pinched Hose

4. MY VARIABLE SPEED CONTROLLER IS NOT WORKING, WHAT SHOULD I DO? (Applicable ONLY if purchased in 2015, all new models do not have a variable speed controller) This problem exist only with our first generation devices (with a variable speed controller, new devices no longer have variable speed controllers as they have been judged obsolete). This problem occurred during assembly at our production facility in China, two wires were clipped at the wrong location. You can easily switch the two wires over by following the step by step diagram in this PDF files.

Spherificator – Variable Speed Control Fix

5. MY SPHERIFICATOR WAS “DEAD ON ARRIVAL”, NOTHING IS HAPPENING, I CAN’T HEAR ANY SOUNDS? Make sure your adaptor is plugged in properly and that the red light on the adaptor turns on. If the red light does not turn on, contact our customer service department we will send you a new one.   

6. WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE OF MY PEARL? The shelf life of any pearls you make will depend 100% of the type of food your are using to make pearls. Consider the shelf life of your pearls exactly the same as the initial ingredients you are using. Sodium Alginate will not extend or shorten the shelf life of your pearls.

7. HOW CAN I PRESERVE MY PEARLS? The best way to preserve the size and quality of your pearls for an extended period of time it would be by placing your pearls in a jar and covering them with oil (any consumable oil, preferably vegetable oil). If that is not possible or not desired, your second best option, is in it’s own liquid. For example, if you are making orange juice pearls, preserve them in orange juice.

Instruction Manual

The Spherificator instruction manual and recipe booklet is now available in a downloadable version in PDF format (this manual includes over 20 recipes and pearls making ideas and tips). Use the following link to get your digital copy. This manual will be updated from time to time.

Spherificator Manual

Spherificator Box